Set in present day Japan,
but a world entirely different
from reality as we know it.

Here is where legends mingle with folk tales,
where rumors dance with known facts.
Magic and technology embrace.

Here are the Crossroads of Fate,
which path will you choose?

Kiro no Matsuro is about a select group of kids. For the most part they attend the same school and live fairly average lives, or try to anyway. But there's something special about these kids. Some of them know it, they weren't born in the human world. Others are just humans who found out they had gifts, strange talents. They were all drawn to the Temple through some act of fate.

Yotaka, the Keeper of the Temple, both pampers her students and puts them through hell. She does her best to train them in both physical and magical areas. She demands that each student develop their talents to the best of their ability, and she'll accept nothing less than constant work.

It is said that the Kiro Temple sits at a crossroads. However, only the Temple Keeper truly knows the secrets that surround this place. Yotaka keeps her secrets well. She trains her students hard, but for what purpose?

No one quite knows precisely who or what Yotaka is, and her mission also remains a mystery. Some say she is searching for her replacement, a new Guardian of the Crossroads, and that she is putting students to the test. Perhaps her taking in orphans and those troubled by unearthly gifts is purely out of the goodness of her heart.

Or perhaps there really is more to this Temple...