Kiro no Matsuro

Genesis, Astra & Nova
Daughter of Jenii and Pestilence

Son of Ash and Tipol

Daughter of Din and Trouble

Mizumi, Chance, Chase
Charm, Chaos, Cocoa, Confetti
Cloud and Coral

Children of Calm and Damael

Hsing & Alara
Daughters of Obliette and Dontae

Son of Kesu

Bishop, Miyu & Sayon
Children of Lar and Shoryu

SanKazaia, SadeKaila & Ranin
Children of Risor and Kai

Zinia, Diago, and Oracle
Children of Danyll and Sera

Remy & Honey Devereaux
Children of Sabine

Eros, Echo, and Ecstasy
Children of Evil and Obsidian

Soren Adonis Damien Jun
Son of Lane